In many western nations, particularly the United States, education is promoted not as a means to promote the Truth in the hearts and minds of the youth, but to have them reject the Truth.  Much of education in the States is indoctrination of falsehoods and deceits into the hearts of young people.  The educational system’s purpose is to condition people, again, particularly the youth to reject Catholic Christian morals, views, and way of living, along with dumbing down the intellect so as to keep little ones from knowing and loving God.

In regards to the Latin American Philosophy I took, what I noticed is that required books for reading attacked the bourgeoisie, who are the middle class for their morality(Christian) and promotion of private property, yet politicians will come on tv and speak about how they are all for promoting the middle class without actually doing so.  One politician I thought about when it came to this was former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Tuition is increasing and students are given more loans in order to go to school, which eventually places many students in debt in their early 20s. Also, tuition increases are due to universities not paying their contractors who supply and build fancy amenities for the students.  Therefore, tuition is being used to pay the contractors the money that the universities owe them.  Therefore, tuition isn’t going towards promoting true and authentic learning for students.

If students are loaning money from the government, why are they given loans with interest on it?  This indicates that students are not only giving money back to the government, but to the federal reserve, whom they didn’t borrow from.  Why is the government loaning students a loan at interest?  Because the government, who creates its own money, is borrowing money from the federal reserve, who charges what it loans to the government at interest.  Therefore, the money the government has is charged as debt to it to be payed back to the federal reserve, at interest.  So what’s the government to do?  The government in an indirect way, charges the American people with its own debt, unbeknownst to them.

Modern education doesn’t teach life skills or trade skills to students and tends to  undermind these skills.  Unless young adults actively seek to learn these skills, many will grow up not knowing how to cook, fix their cars, mend their clothing, and many others things.

Books are based on second handed sources, which is the interpretation of the source instead of the source itself, which means that information students receive in school is always filtered and colored in some way by a teacher in some form or another.  Since students don’t have genuine access to the source of a subject, they cannot verify if what their teacher is saying is true or false, which results in students accepting what a teacher says just because they say it(I though modern culture claimed to be above just accepting things because people say so.  It’s interesting how people in the Middle Ages(when the Truth actually reigned supreme) questioned the Truth more than people today question the falsehoods promoted in their own education.

Force socialization is full of vanity.  If one had a particular skill set, networking would be unnecessary and exposed for the vanity it is.