I took a Latin American Philosophy class in college.  One of the four main things we learned about was vodou, santeria, obeah, and espiritismo.  The first three, in particular all used major aspects of the Catholic Faith.  When I found this out, I thought that was very odd and wondered why that was the case.  Then, I though of this scripture verse,”And no wonder, for Satan himself disguises himself as an angel of light(2 Cor 11:14)”  The truth is used by the evil one to deceive people by hiding under it.  Since Catholicism is the fullness of Truth Itself, it will be used by the devil to deceive and hide under because if a falsehood were to be revealed as what it is, it will be resisted.  However, if a falsehood is mixed in with the Truth will be harder to detect and resist, leaving people vulnerable to being ensnared by the evil one.  Also, this is why something that is false doesn’t hide under something that isn’t 100% true because the thing that is false will be seen.  For example, this is why Protestantism isn’t mixed in with occult practices.  Vodou, santeria, obeah, and espiritismo are all evil under the guise of good.  The devil’s greatest weapon is mixing the Truth with error.