The Big Bang theory, Evolution, and Global Warming(and possibly heliocentrism) are said to be true, not because they are, but because there is an attempt to rewrite not only history, but the origin of creation without God, without the Faith, without Love, morality, life, peace, sanctity, beauty, goodness, holiness, and truth.

Evolution is false and contrary to the Truth, yet it is promoted as the only “reasonable” explanation of the origin of  living organisms.  There is no such thing as an uncreated natural entity that all living things come from because natural entities do not exist on their own.  They were created.  Evolution is not true science.  Evolution is Modernism’s foundation.  Modernism is the synthesis of all heresies.

Both the Big Bang theory and Evolution cannot be observed by natural observation.  Science should never be used to rewrite history or to make erroneous predictions about the future.  That’s not in the realm of science.

Heliocentrism cannot be observed by natural observation as well.  If heliocentrism is true, why do we speak of a sunrise or sunset at all?  We should simply be saying that the earth is moving, right?  What one observes with one’s own eyes is that the sun rises and then sets.  If the sun is stationary, there are no sunrises or sunsets.  Second, if heliocentrism is true, why do we not feel the earth moving?  Remember, “the earth orbits the sun in about 66,500 miles per hour” according to the narrator in the Forgotten Giants of the Allegheny Observatory.  Shouldn’t we be able to feel the effects of a moving earth on earth?  If earth were moving that fast, we wouldn’t be able to move on the earth, let alone live on it.  God wouldn’t create a world in which His creation couldn’t live on it.  That false implication would be implied if heliocentrism were true.  I remember reading an article about this issue(unfortunately, I don’t remember what it was called or who wrote it, my apologies).  However, I remember the author saying something to the effect of this: People have been brainwashed into thinking that God is stupid. And he’s right.  God know everything, including how He made His own creation.  Yet, too many people think that they are smarter and more knowledgeable than God.  That’s a huge pity.   Pride comes before a fall.