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To Promote The Reign of Christ the King Through the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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The Espousal of Jesus and Josephine


(based on St. Therese’s composed invitation; forgive me for copying the last half of it! :))

I, God Almighty, Creator and Sovereign Ruler of the Universe, with Mary, the Most Holy, Blessed Virgin and Queen of the Universe, announce the Spiritual Espousals of Our August Son, JESUS Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords, with little Josephine, Princess and Lady of His Kingdom of the Passion, assigned to her in dowry by her Divine Spouse, from which Kingdom she holds her title of nobility-OF THE SACRED HEART. The lovely invitation, written by the Holy Spirit, from Holy Writ, was presented to the little bride. The Holy Spirit spoke thusly in her, saying:

“I shall render to the Lord, my Spouse, my very self. I shall drink of the Chalice that my Bridegroom has drunk, along with the Martyrs of old. My sacrifice will be a Canticle of Love, sung for the Divine Lover, calling upon His Holy Name!

Jesu, Jesu, how lovely Thou art!”

It was not possible to invite you to the Wedding Feast which took place on the Mountain of Our Lady of Wisdom and of St. Jude, June 3, 2016- the Heavenly Court alone and all the earthly pilgrims that were invited were admitted- but you are requested to be present at Home which will take place tomorrow, the Day of Eternity, when Jesus, the Son of God will come in the clouds of Heaven, in the splendeur of His glorious Majesty, to judge the living and the dead. The hour being uncertain, you are asked to hold yourselves in readiness and to watch.





Happy Sacred Heart Day!